Brill’s New Jacoby (BNJ), a thoroughly revised English edition of Felix Jacoby’s Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker: Parts I-III (nearly. While produced two centuries ago and superseded by the monumental edition of Felix Jacoby (Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker), Müller’s FHG is still a. Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker is available in print, and now also online as part of the online reference work Jacoby Online. Please click here for.

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Fornara Part 4, Biography and antiquarian literature. Those interested in the history of classical scholarship can also exploit this tool, as a glance at the results from “Wilamowitz” hits, though of course many are simply references to his works will reveal. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Brill’s New Jacoby: Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker

For example, F1 of Ctesias F 1 goes on for 28 pages in Jacoby’s text. My inquiry to the publisher indicated that there are no plans at this time for a Macintosh edition.

In all of these indices the links quickly take you to the relevant section, testimonium, or fragment. That would be a truly “electronic Jacoby,” and such a version would then be far and away the edition of choice, even for us book-bound reviewers.

Teil 1, Genealogie und Mythographie.

Recent updates for Jacoby Online January – August I must also mention that my inquiry to the electronic support services at Brill received a swift, accurate, and courteous reply. The three indices that appear in the left-hand frame are as follows: The three indexes now published are the first fruits of an indexation project which aims to facilitate access to the corpus of fragments and to improve its usefulness.


Every fragment is translated or summarized into Latin. Imitating the book, the electronic page contains the line numbers and marginalia of the printed edition.

And yet despite griechischrn great pleasure at having this new reference tool and with all due thanks to Brill for producing it, I am, nonetheless, a bit disappointed for two reasons.

Fragmente der griechischen Historiker – Wikipedia

I found cutting and pasting to be relatively easy matters. About Downloads Review Quotes ” Jacoby Online is an incredible resource, invaluable not only for ancient historians, but also for researchers working in all areas of antiquity.

This is overall an excellent tool for which we should be grateful, even fragmebte I have some reservations about the format in which it has been produced. Die Fragmente Der Griechischen Historiker: Go to Online Edition. Account Options Sign in. The practical advantages are clear.

Contents Timaios of Lokroi Epizephyrioil. I found this to be a most convenient feature, and its ease of use may even encourage students to consult the app. Volume index [ edit ] Felix Jacoby: Pierre Bonnechere, Brill, Leiden, And this, one would think, is exactly the benefit of electronic publication: Combining philological work and scripts, an SQL database has been created for delivering web services and tools.

These two things aside, the page appears pretty much as it does in the books, and four cursors appear at the top of each page so did the reader can move forward or backward in each case by griechiscuen 1 or 5 pages at a time.

Concordance Jacoby — source. History books about ancient Greece 20th-century books Historiography of Greece. There is also a “show hitlist” button at the bottom of each page which takes you back to the list. The work was started in and continued by him till his death in Indexes of ancient authors 1. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Parts I-III nearly complete, estimated date of completion: Die Fragmente der griechischen Historikercommonly abbreviated FGrHist or FGrH Fragments of the Greek Historiansis a collection by Felix Jacoby fargmente the works of those ancient Greek historians whose works have been lost, but of which we have citations, extracts or summaries. Before Greek biography emerged as a literary genre of its own at the beginning of the Hellenistic In general, the indexes make it a simple matter to ascertain which historians had read or not read the works, now lost, of their predecessors, thus throwing light on the contents of libraries as well as the transmission of historical texts and their vie.

At the risk of great presumption, might we then hope for Jacoby 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are no breathings or accents, and the searches are not case-sensitive.


Rather, a dialogue bubble appears on any line in which there is a textual problem or variant, and when you click on this a small pop-up window griechischem with the relevant information; you can leave this window open if you wish and it will change as you examine other lines.

And there is a lot of checking of such things to dif. This page was last edited on 23 Marchat It seems as if it ought to be possible to make the links more precise.

FGrHist Weidmann, Berlin ff.