Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. The servants of the Bennett estate Longbourn – Kindle edition by Jo Baker. Download it once and. Longbourn [Jo Baker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times Book Review Notable Book, a Seattle Times Best Title. Now, in a wonderfully fresh perspective on life at Longbourn, Jo Baker goes behind the scenes and down the stairs to introduce the servants who kept the.

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She is the author of The Undertow and of three earlier novels bzker in the United Kingdom: But the way things are, I don’t think I’d recommend it. The main character is very likeable and if this had been a stand alone novel about servants at the time minus the sweating and poo it could have worked. But it starts out bleak, it continues dire, and it crosses the finish line with a longbouen “So that turned out okay, I guess.

Jo Baker Writer: Welcome to Jo Baker’s Official Site

The intonation is so even and calm that it easily puts you to sleep. Does the fact that Mr. That’s why they moved him from the trysting spot in the woods to his marital bed. I hesitated for ages. In what ways does Longbourn reflect and embrace the sensibilities of the twenty-first century?

What are they supposed to be?

As the household frets over the future of the family estate, the Bennet girls navigate the complexities of finding husbands, and Sarah awakens to her own romantic choices, Longbohrn Baker reveals both the vast distance between and intimate connections among the inhabitants of Longbourn. Milne’s superlative stage play Miss Elizabeth BennetI felt I would like to read more books directly descended from Pride and Pre I read five chapters and then I admitted defeat.


While well-written and depicted in great detail, I must admit I was not very fond of these chapters. That Austen was remiss in show Three and a Half Stars. Collins, and Charlotte Lucas.

A Best Book of the Year Selection: Read it Forward Read it first. First of all, there’s a terrible sexual awakening subplot. They clipped past the orchard, in profile and oblivious to the housemaids: It seems to us a subversion of Pride and Prejudicenot a celebration of it.

I also enjoyed the first part; but after a while, the story started to drag on and on, and I started to not see the point of it anymore.

Longbourn Reader’s Guide

We find ourselves following one character in Spain. I couldn’t have been more wrong! LitFlash The eBooks you want at the longbbourn prices. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. An orphan who has never known any other life other than serving others What age would you recommend one start reading this?

Austen requires you to read between the lines of straightforward-seeming dialogue and descriptions to discover a character’s motives or mindset. Were you taken aback by the brutality Baker describes? Do you think there was a real divide in terms of those upstairs having longburn remote idea of the sheer amount of work being done downstairs?

Get to Know Us.

One only really gives them any thought at all if they stop working. But I can and will be more specific. I understand that servants and soldiers had to deal with dirty and scary things, I really do, and I lonbbourn that Jane Austen pretty much ignored all of that. I read it about once a year to enjoy the wit, romance and the cast of brilliant characters.


About two-thirds through this tale we take a break from present day and travel back two years and experience some time on the battlefront in Spain and Portugal with the Bennet’s footman, James. Beyond lonfbourn necessity of the militia as an essential plot device, there is little to establish a time period or political context.

Longbourn by Jo Baker, review – Telegraph

And when Mr Bennet escapes to his library, who has to cope with his wife? Oct 08, Pages Buy. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Jo Baker provides readers with a fresh take on the well loved story of “Pride and Longbojrn by giving us the story of those that worked as servants at Longbourn. Oct 08, Minutes Buy. Again, I can see what the author was trying to do, to explore the juxtaposition between life in Meryton and the life of a soldier, but it just sends the novel astray and it never quite comes back to the world of Pride and Baket.

I became fascinated by these little flickers of activity: Our hopes are dashed and restored and dashed again.

Why or longoburn not? It would have been more believable the Bennets could only afford two maids?