The New Jewish Publication Society of America Tanakh, first published in complete form in , is a It is unrelated to the original JPS Tanakh translation , which was based on the Revised Version and American Standard Version but. The Tagged Tanakh is a collaborative platform around the Jewish Bible, brought to you by JPS. Sefaria users have long requested a modern Tanakh translation, and we’re pleased to now offer the classic Jewish Publication Society.

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These are then followed by stories of Isaac, Rebekah, and thier children Jacob taanakh Esau. The second part tells the history of David and isremarkable both for its omissions of the narrative that is found in 1 and 2 Kings and for many new facts not given in those biblical books.

This translation emerged from the collaborative efforts of an interdenominational team of Jewish scholars and rabbis working together over a thirty-year period.

The prophet also shows knowledge of the great historical movements not only of his own nation, but of other nations as well. The editor in chief of the Torah was Harry Orlinskywho had been a translator of the Revised Standard Version and would become the only translator of that version to work also on the New Revised Standard Version.

The author, or more likely authors, of these chapters are not known and are often referred to as Deutero-Isaiah, or Second Isaiah, and Trito-Isaiah, or Third Isaiah.

Nahum may have been the son of an Israelite captive. The most well-known of the stories is of Daniel in the lions’ den. It is significant that the speaker is not called Solomon by name, as he could have been if the author had wished to actually identify him with that king. In every victory and defeat, Isaiah sees divine intention and intervention.

The first consists of genealogies from Adam: At the conclusion of 2 Samuel, there is some moral resolution: His name in Hebrew means “God will rise. It closes with a warning from the past and an exhortation to follow God’s teachings, in order to secure the inheritance of the land, which is now within reach. Emphasis is placed on holiness as a quality distinguishing Israel, demanded of Israel by God, and regulating the Israelite’s life.


Judges receives its title from those who were raised up to be the deliverers of the Israelites from their enemies, after the death of Joshua. Then there are detailed descriptions of how the land is divided up between the tribes, incorporating boundaries and cities.

The title comes from the name of its main character, a righteous man, Job, whose life illustrates the theological question of why “bad things happen to good people.

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Within their synagogue libraries, and in use in their adult education classes, one also may find a wide variety of other Torah commentaries, including many from Orthodox Tankah authors and editors.

Chapter 4 describes the horrors of the siege and capture of the city, and the last chapter repeats many of the painful details, concluding with a prayer for deliverance. See the box “The Twelve Tribes of Israel,” below. The imagery of his visions is full of country life; he writes about the “lion roar in the forest” 3: There is no reliable record of his death; he may have died at Tahpanes or, according to a tradition, may have gone to Babylon with Nebuchadnezzar’s army. Nahum pronounces that its destruction is near and will be swift and complete.

Religion: The Tanakh [Full Text]

Koheleth speaks as king tankah once 1: According to a narrative found within Jeremiah, more than 20 years after his call to prophesy Jeremiah is directed to prepare a book of his prophesy. The general impression in this book is that the Israelites, acting together under Joshua, conquered all of Canaan within aperiod tanwkh a few years. Unlike the preceding stories of succession and military triumphs, however, the future of the monarchy is not determined by battles won.


It concludes with promises and warnings also called taankh and curses”involving vows, tithes, and offerings to God. Close This Message Numbers The name “Numbers” is likely derived jp the Greek translation, the Septuagint, which named the book after the census taking in the first chapters of Numbers and again at the end of the wanderings of the Israelites.

But Isaiah predicts that Israel and the holy city of Jerusalem will be restored and that a just and pious Judean king from the line of David will rule Israel.

He has access to the kings of his time Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah. They do not all purport to have been written by Isaiah, but it is Isaiah himself who records his call to prophecy, as well as certain other experiences of his earlier life.

The books are naturally divided into four parts. David’s personal life looms large throughout tanalh stories, ever present as a potential threat to his successes.

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Here a great fish swallows him, and he remains in its belly three days and three nights. After the Babylonian Empire falls to the Persians, Nehemiah becomes the royal cup-bearer in the palace of the Persian king Artaxerxes, and upon the Jews’ return from exile, he is made the civil governor of Jerusalem, whhere Ezra is High Priest.

The book comprises a period of 38 years jpps 3 months, from the completion of the giving of the Law until the 5th month of the 40th year.