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Poeta, traductor y pintor colonense.

From the faculty s poetic womb enormous questions emerged that motivated artistic, academic and professional projects which completely reformulated architecture and the university. The gigantic distances librro America filled with new and different dimensions obligate the use of terrestrial, aerial and aquatic transportation, sometimes all of them in a single journey that lasts only days.

Amereida – Casiopea

It is because hospitality as the Open City shows us needs a location that can accommodate itself liro its size and ground ; in this way the extension makes room The academic, artistic and formative mandates then created are still essential in the orientation of the faculty and its activities today.

This alternative view of time permits working on the donation. Escritor, sociologo e ingeniero brasilero. Su nombre hace honor al claustro que se encontraba en ella.

Perhaps one by chance has to come celebrate in the actual place, to see, to mark, to inscribe; things only remain close to us when we have made the first step towards them. It is very different libbro in a gift than living in a discovery Industrial, et al, Nuestra latitud Patagonia.


Iván Ivelic Yanes. Poetry of Amereida – PDF

That potency is manifested to those who are there -now and here- and while being recogleading to colonialism 8, nor as a space for technical migration provoked by the job market, when people move from the poorer outskirts to the wealthier urban centres even between countries and continentsnor as it was regarded in ancient times when migration was inspired by religious beliefs 9.

Participa en el proyecto Amereida. It is a poem that praises the extension of the American continent and gives reason and meaning to trades and their works.

Or by purple Tyrrhenian seas? Academics, artists, intellectuals and students would gather and still do to this day driven by the challenge of reuniting life, work and learning, with the ambition of creating works that would testify the will to inhabit poetically.

The intersection of man and territory is what the work is trying to reunite, sometimes in inhabited territories and other times in extensions still to be inhabited.

Iván Ivelic Yanes. Poetry of Amereida

The formula ha lugar, both implies what a place is and how the work should be done: ISBNBarcelona Universidad nacional de Quilmes, Being present necessarily implies a corporal condition and not only a semantic yearning or an abstract projection. By extension, the continent becomes a finding instead of a discovery.

Cuadernos de Amereida V. In this way America came to be and stay because it is its permanently endowed condition a gift.

Magdalena Navarrete Reyes hace 6 meses Vistas: En se hace un film basado en su libro llamado Naufragios. The group of students and professors that chose a place to build must first set up a camp. Was it nostalgia for myth? Pasa la mayor parte de su vida entre Estados Unidos y Europa. Instead, we believe in a welcoming oriented extension 10, and in a different interpretation of the concept of place.


This void gave way to llbro foundation of the Open City in Ritoque at the beginning of the s. This form of poetry has been named ha lugar because it unites spatial and temporal dimensions and it implies to make place, being place 2.

These works are also signs like the open signal that explains: Historia general y natural de las Indias: To work at a site includes habituating and being.

Ciudad Abierta

The University Reform began in this faculty in and spread through the entire country in liibro with the movements produced at universities worldwide. But a camp set up for a project, or a lodging in a large city, isolate themselves by the use of technical mechanisms from what is inhospitable, and do not interfere with it in order to be able to deal with the whatever is unfavourable from one day to the next.

Curimahuida Plains, Coquimbo Region, Chile.