This site is a community tool for the evergrowing armada of hackbusses.

We need a root movement of doing strange things with hardware which was not intended (aka "hacking") because only when we use things in ways other than they were planned can something new arise.

Hackbusses (or mobile hacklabs or hack vehicles) are a low-threshold way of bringing the culture of hacking to the people. They are migratory learning and teaching units, taking the talented hackers and their ideas out of middle-class urban centers and bringing them to people who might not otherwise be aware of the possibilities available to them! Let's have a good time n tha hood! And let's drive to the villages!

We follow a long tradition of this nomadic approach to bring self-empowerment to the people. These units can be everywhere. And they should be everywhere. Start one yourself!

  • You own one? Write us. - office (AT)
  • Don't know what this all is about? Read this.
  • Want to see a hackbus in real life? Look at the list of hackbusses.
  • Want to check out our hackbus image pool?


- A warm welcome to Maui Makers from Hawaii!

- Hackbus community meeting and drink-up at the monochrom office (quartier 21, Museumsquartier) in Vienna on September 9, 2011 - 7 pm was a full success. Moritz Bartl ( presented his plans to tour hackerspaces in Europe to make a feature-length documentation. We plan to repeat this hackbus meeting on a regular base. I hope next time we manage to set up a skype conference to allow hackbus members to join in from everywhere in the world. Information will be available on the hackbus mailing list.

- Our travel with the Austrian Hackbus to Finowfurt/Germany for Chaos Communication Camp 2011 was splendid. Except that our back breaks caught fire in Prague. But we met tons of new hacker mobiles! The community is growing!

- Our presentations at "Mozilla Drumbeat Festival" in Barcelona, Spain (November 3-5, 2010) went well! Except that the police towed our vehicle.

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